Welcome to the Fisherman's Wharf Bangalore

Bringing the essence of Goa to the outskirts of Bangalore, the Fishermen's Wharf at Sarjapur Road recreates the airy and fun atmosphere of the original. Lose yourself in the vast spread of clay roofed Gazebos, tastefully decorated with oceanic and beachside motifs. With an extremely unique culinary experience, This outlet is quaint, quiet and delightfully gorgeous, reminiscent of a lavish Goan home. Take a closer look at the craft that goes into the preparation and presentation of your dishes, through an open kitchen. Watch, as our chef's churn out lavish pieces of art, tastefully decorated for your culinary delight.

With an island bar down the centre, shaking out refreshing cocktails and beverages, the Wharf leaves no stone unturned in finding that perfect companion to go with your choice of cuisine. Diverse flavors from across the globe find their way to the menu, making the perfect middle ground to satisfy a diverse taste palate. With a dedicated play area for the kids, planning that long overdue family get-together isn't as farfetched an idea anymore. Whether you’re looking for a quiet table for two or gulping down a few drinks with a bunch of friends, The Fishermans Wharf comes with a setting for every need.

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